The main challenge with this site was finding a way to organize and display all the wonderful information in a way that also gave space for the images and usability to the viewer. I linked products with artist bios, and created a network of data that is simple for the site owners to manage.
Mingei Arts sells their wonderful doll collection, as well as their e-book on this Shopify site. If you are looking for information, want a unique gift, or want to support people with a passion for arts, check it out.

What they had to say

"We owe a great deal of appreciation and thanks to Hand Hugs for helping us to fully utilize new educational concepts and electronic learning to its fullest. Jessie Matanky’s professional skills and ability related to e-learning, and understanding diverse subjects, are exceptional. It has helped us, for over ten years, to connect with learners and collectors worldwide, who have remained loyal customers, since we entered this type of long-distance learning and merchandising." - Mingei Arts

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